COVID-19: How to Screen your Employees

Thermography is an imaging technique using infrared (IR) cameras to measure surface temperatures of objects. Infrared cameras use infrared radiation in the same way that a common camera creates an image using visible light. People and objects release radiation as a function of their temperature. Thermal imaging cameras can pick up this radiation and use … Read more

Drones: The Next Security Threat?

Over the past couple decades, drone technology has advanced at a spectacular rate. Global Positioning Systems, accelerometers, and lightweight components have made drones cheaper, more accessible, and better performing than ever before. There is a nearly limitless number of applications for commercial drone flight, including photography, videography, agriculture, search-and-rescue operations, land surveying, and more. Recreational … Read more

Fall Protection Regulations 101

Building a new facility or headquarters for your company is exciting but it can be a large task. Planning can take months, and as an employer, an owner, or building manager, your job is to ensure the safety of everyone involved during construction and when the building is occupied. OSHA requires fall protection for any … Read more

What makes IFMA truly a global organization?

In the conflicted world we live in today, members of IFMA (International Facilities Management Association) should be proud to be a part of a truly global organization. Innovative Engineering Inc. (IEI) was recently selected to present on Parking Structure Maintenance at the IFMA World Workplace at the convention center in Phoenix, Arizona. The presentation, given … Read more

How to win a Yeti Cooler from Innovative Engineering Inc.

Innovative Engineering Inc. (IEI) is giving away customized Yeti Roadie 20 Coolers. Last week IEI exhibited at the 2019 National Parking Association Convention at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort near Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. They conducted the “Candy Crane” competition to see who could use a remote controlled backhoe to transfer the largest amount of … Read more


One question that I was asked during a recent presentation was “What are the differences in materials between then and now and what improvements have been made to increase durability of parking structures?” I’m sure the question was relative to recent history. However, there are Roman structures such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon that … Read more

Why You Should Inspect Your Roof

Facilities often go year after year without having a comprehensive roof inspection. Managers trust that the roof is sound and even at times ignore obvious issues. Symptoms such as cracking, pooling water, and accumulating debris can indicate a significant problem. A proper inspection of the roof surface can head off a more expensive repair or … Read more

Budgeting Maintenance Costs in Parking Structures

A great time was had by all at the Florida Parking and Transportation Association (FPTA) Conference in December at the Sawgrass Resort, Florida. My seminar on Parking Structure Maintenance was well attended, and | received a lot of good questions. One of the questions was how much to budget for maintenance. This was covered briefly … Read more

4 Things You Need To Know About OSHA 1910 Subpart D

OSHA 1910 Subpart D Window Washer

Keeping employees safe by complying with OSHA’s fall protection requirements is a priority for building owners and property managers. The new OSHA rule, which was published on November 17th, 2016, sets new provisions for work performed at heights. These new provisions may leave owners and managers wondering what has changed and what their timeline is … Read more

IEI Sustaining Member of the Month, Brian Dance Presents Overview of Firm at SAME Atlanta

As an SAME Sustaining Member of the Month, Brian L. Dance, PE, SE, presented an overview of Innovative Engineering Inc’s (IEI) capabilities and experience as a part of the SAME Atlanta Post November Luncheon. The featured program for the November luncheon was titled: What’s In A Team? The Ins & Outs of Joint Ventures (JVs) … Read more