Field Testing for Reinforced Concrete

Want to know the health of your concrete structure? Want to upgrade your concrete structure but don’t have as-built structural drawings? Non-destructive and minimally invasive concrete field testing can determine the health of your concrete structure and predict its useful remaining life. It can also determine or verify the reinforcement in your concrete structure. Non-destructive … Read more

How to Deal with Frozen Pipes in Your Building

Are you prepared to deal with frozen pipes in your building this winter? Most buildings have preventative measures – such as insulation in exterior walls, attics, and crawl spaces – which do a good job of holding in the heat and protecting water pipes, but if you have extended periods of long-term cold weather or … Read more

Top 8 Things Building Owners and Managers Should Do to Prepare for Winter

Is your facility prepared for winter? Winter can be a challenging season for property owners and building managers. Inclement weather can strike without notice, and if you’re not prepared, your building and occupants could suffer costly damage. As the seasons change and temperatures drop, make sure you plan adequately and take these essential steps for … Read more