Facade Inspection 101: A Guide for Building Owners and Managers

Are cracks showing in your building’s concrete? Have you noticed leaking walls or roofs or peeling paint? Are your sealants working? As buildings age, their exteriors, require maintenance and restoration to preserve their structural integrity, aesthetics, and functionality. If you notice cracks, stains, corrosion, and other forms of damage, it’s time to begin restoration. Façade … Read more

When Industrial Rope Access Reigns: Integrating Industrial Rope Access in Structural Engineering Projects

Fatalities and serious injuries from falls are still among OSHA’s Fatal Four hazards in the workplace. Industrial Rope Access holds an enviable safety record, compared to all other work-at-height methods. According to the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) with over 7.5 million man-hours of work, there have been very few lost-time accidents. Industrial … Read more

Top 8 Things Building Owners and Managers Should Do to Prepare for Winter

Is your facility prepared for winter? Winter can be a challenging season for property owners and building managers. Inclement weather can strike without notice, and if you’re not prepared, your building and occupants could suffer costly damage. As the seasons change and temperatures drop, make sure you plan adequately and take these essential steps for … Read more

What Florida Bill S.B. 4-D Means for Property Owners

Earlier this year, we talked about the tragedy of the Surfside Condo collapse in Florida. Over the last few years, more catastrophic structural damage cases, concrete restoration, and progressive collapse cases have been in the news. Because of this, building owners are taking a closer look at their building, and lawmakers have also been making changes … Read more

Surfside Condo Collapse, One Year Later: What We Know

Since the Champlain Towers Collapse in Surfside Florida, we have had numerous requests to perform structural condition assessments. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), National Construction Safety Team (NCST) is pursuing a dozen failure scenarios and are anticipating a Final Report next year (2023). In 2018 a Condition Assessment Report was issued on … Read more

Why Should You Care About Facade Inspection and Liability?

How important is routine façade inspection? During hurricane, tornado, and severe thunderstorm season across the United States, we’re reminded how important it is to anticipate façade failures before they happen. During Hurricane Irma in 2018, façade failures caused street closures in Atlanta despite the storm being downgraded to a tropical depression. Even though wind speeds … Read more

The Importance of Structural Building Inspection

Are you up to date on your building inspections? When is the last time you had a thorough roof and facade inspection done by a professional company? There are currently 12 cities in the United States with ordinances that mandate periodic inspections of building facades, most of which are located in the Midwest. However, across … Read more

Roof Inspection: The Importance and Why You Should Never Neglect Upkeep

Many facilities often go year after year without a proper, comprehensive roof inspection. Managers may assume that the roof is sound and even ignore obvious issues, which will only proceed to become more and more severe. Symptoms such as cracking, ponding water, and accumulated debris can indicate a significant problem. Regular, proper inspections of your … Read more

Building Structure Condition Assessment: How to Avoid Catastrophe

Over the last few years, more catastrophic structural damage cases and progressive collapse cases have been in the news. Because of this, building owners are taking a closer look at their building and parking structures. While it could take years for the investigation to be completed, there are many clues included in previous inspection reports … Read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Restoring Commercial Brick Buildings

Do you own or manage a historic building? Are you concerned about the aging facade or overall structure of your building? Many communities realize the value of historic and cultural character older buildings have to offer, and historic preservation plays a significant role in maintaining a city’s culture. Brickwork looks great when it’s well-maintained, but … Read more