How to Assess the Condition of Your Parking Structure

Whether your parking structure is a multi-level garage or a few below-grade levels under a high-rise building, proactive condition assessment and diligent maintenance are imperative.  If problems are ignored, the harsh environment in garages, including corrosive deicing chemicals, freeze-thaw cycling, and the stress of thousands of vehicles traversing the deck, will quickly accelerate deterioration into … Read more

Best Practices for Parking Garage Snow Removal

Do you maintain a parking structure or parking garage at your facility? When winter hits, are you truly prepared to take care of the snow and ice buildup? Best practices for snow removal operations on parking garages are: Don’t store large piles of snow on the top level. Large snow piles get heavy over time … Read more

Signs of Parking Structure Deterioration

Parking structures are an integral part of cities all across the country, providing visitors and their vehicles with a place to park and shelter from the elements. They also often provide access to offices and housing. The challenging part of maintaining a parking structure is the onslaught of environmental stressors like moisture, expansion and contraction, … Read more

Concrete Crack Repair: When is a Crack a Crack?

You are parked on aisle

At what point should you begin to worry about a crack in your parking structure? There are several warning signs that can indicate that a crack has become an issue. On top of this, there are also several common areas where cracks can occur that may require…

How Long Will My Parking Structure Last?

How long will my Parking Structure Last

That depends. Don’t you love it? The truth is, there are many factors that influence the prediction of how long a parking structure will last and at what point you will need to tear it down and rebuild. Parking structures are unique in that the structure is directly exposed to the elements, unlike a building … Read more

Vehicle Barrier System Testing Saves Owners Money

Barrier System of Parking Garage

Project Background A client recently purchased an office building and while completing their due diligence, decided that the attached parking structure needed restoration work. The client hired Innovative Engineering Inc. for restoration engineering and to determine if the structure met code requirements. At first glance, the vehicle guardrail system, composed of steel pipe embedded into … Read more