How to Prevent Falls from Ladders, Roofs, and Scaffolding

Falls are a hazard in many workplace environments. They can happen during walking, climbing a ladder, and unfortunately, due to the carelessness of workers. How can you protect your workers? Studies by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show there are more than 600 fatal falls annually. Regular fall protection training and enforcement of safety standards … Read more

Fall Protection Guidelines and Best Practices

Building a new facility or headquarters for your company is an exciting but large task. The planning involved takes months, and whether you’re an employer, a CEO, or the building manager, your job is to ensure the safety of everyone involved. OSHA requires fall protection for any worker who may be exposed to a fall … Read more

Fall Protection Best Practices to Protect Your Workers

Are you following fall protection best practices at your workplace? In order to provide a safe workplace, Building Owners, Property Managers, Architects, Planners, and Engineers shall incorporate safe design measures to eliminate, prevent, or otherwise control fall hazards in the design phase. There are many options for reduction of fall hazards, but the ultimate goal … Read more

A Brief History of Fall Protection and How its Standards Affect Us Today

Health and safety legislation began at the state level in 1877 in Massachusetts, and by the 1930’s, all states had some form of regulation. US Congress officially created OSHA under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, with its first standard being published in May of 1971. OSHA Standards are split into many different … Read more