Industrial Rope Access

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Climbing to Great Heights to Evaluate Structures

IEI Rope Access Forensic Team (RAFT) structural engineers are able to efficiently access, inspect, and conduct sampling and testing of building facades, roofs, bridges, dams, tanks, towers, confined spaces and natural features not otherwise accessible with ladders or boom lifts.  The team is experienced and practicing structural and forensic engineers, so as opposed to performing this work for other engineers, they are engineers themselves.  IEI engineers have been performing this type of inspection work since 1995 across the country. Industrial Rope Access has been used in the United States for over 60 years.  When used by trained professionals, industrial rope access techniques are safer, more efficient, and more cost effective than other traditional means of access height including scaffolding, swing stages, and cranes.  Rope Access is often perceived as a dare devilish field or a sort of last resort for access work at height.  However, when used as a system by trained personnel, rope access is safer than the other options.  The rope access industry has maintained an excellent safety record with over 7,500,000 man hours with zero lost-time accidents working on ropes. IEI RAFT structural engineers are certified rope access technicians by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT), OSHA Certified, and have an impeccable safety record.

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