Myths vs. Realities of Physical Security

IEI routinely conducts peer reviews of both structural and physical security designs on behalf of the federal government. This is where we noticed the gap between theory and incorporation of physical security into the design documents. This appears to be the result of a couple of myths in the field of physical security, often referred … Read more

COVID-19: Are You Prepared for Bioterrorism?

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world has become aware of the impact a pandemic has on the way we live and do business. While COVID-19 is believed to be a natural outbreak of a new coronavirus and not the product of bioterrorism, it shows what a widespread pandemic can do to our … Read more

ATFP Physical Security Presentation, SAME 2015 JETS, Nashville, TN

IEI’s ATFP Physical Security presentation at the SAME JETS Conference in Nashville was highly attended and well received.  We estimate that approximately 30 individuals attended this presentation with many providing positive feedback at the conclusion of the session.  As our featured speakers, Scott L Weiland, PE and Stephen L Morgan, EI did an excellent job … Read more