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Why You Should Inspect Your Roof

Facilities often go year after year without having a comprehensive roof inspection. Managers trust that the roof is sound and even at times ignore obvious issues. Symptoms such as cracking, pooling water, and accumulating debris can indicate a significant problem. A proper inspection of the roof surface can head off a more expensive repair or replacement in the future.

The use of thermal imaging is becoming increasingly more common in regards to roof inspection practices. By measuring the temperature variations across an entire surface area, hidden issues become visible. Conditions such as moisture intrusion, mold, heat or cooling loss, construction quality and repair validation are easily determined. The advantage of thermal imaging testing is multifaceted. The process is non-intrusive, allows detection of issues before significant damage occurs, and gives the inspector the ability to scan large areas quickly. This process makes the inconvenience of an inspection minimal.

The repairs to a roof with extensive damage can be extremely costly, especially when back dropped against the relatively low cost of inspections. Using a professional engineering firm to conduct the inspection is critical. This gives the building owner or manager peace of mind that the information will be accurate and any issues can be promptly handled.

The roof is a vital part of the building’s envelope. Neglect is the most common cause of roof failure, as most significant problems can be prevented. Contracting an engineering firm to perform an inspection is a wise, proactive practice. IEI regularly provides these services. Having confidence that the roof of your facility is watertight will allow you to focus on other areas. Letting an issue fester may result in a prolonged repair replacement, and inconvenience.

Innovative Engineering Inc.’s Certified Remote Pilots comply with FAA Part 107 Guidelines. They also hold a daylight operations waiver which allows them to fly at night, which is the best time to conduct thermal inspection.

The engineers at IEI have extensive experience with various methods of roof inspection. If you feel that it is time to address any problems (either potential or already confirmed) with the roof of your facility, give IEI a call today. Their engineers will be happy to provide you with a detailed report of any deficiencies that need to be addressed.

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