The Importance of Regular, Routine Roof Inspections

Did you know that a piece of façade falls off a building once every three weeks? Unfortunately, it takes death or destruction to force local jurisdictions to enact façade ordinances. How can you avoid an accident at your property? The façade is only one component of the building envelope, and is affected by other portions, … Read more

What Florida Bill S.B. 4-D Means for Property Owners

Earlier this year, we talked about the tragedy of the Surfside Condo collapse in Florida. Over the last few years, more catastrophic structural damage cases, concrete restoration, and progressive collapse cases have been in the news. Because of this, building owners are taking a closer look at their building, and lawmakers have also been making changes … Read more

Roof Inspection: The Importance and Why You Should Never Neglect Upkeep

Many facilities often go year after year without a proper, comprehensive roof inspection. Managers may assume that the roof is sound and even ignore obvious issues, which will only proceed to become more and more severe. Symptoms such as cracking, ponding water, and accumulated debris can indicate a significant problem. Regular, proper inspections of your … Read more