Blast Design & Physical Security

The job of a blast design engineer is to understand the risk and consequences of an explosive event, and then to develop methods for reducing the potential harm caused to people and critical assets. How can you be sure your building is protected and built with the latest standards in physical security? A prevailing myth … Read more

Advantages of Thermal Imaging During a Building Envelope Inspection

Infrared (IR) thermal imaging is the measurement of surface temperatures. However, to the trained eye it is much more than that. Thermal images, when analyzed by an expert, can provide valuable insight to many problems during a building envelope inspection that would otherwise be difficult to identify or diagnose. Three common types of deficiencies that … Read more

What is Commercial Construction Management?

Commercial construction is a huge industry, and as the economy grows, commercial buildings are necessary for creating more space for more workers as population growth and business cycles also grow. Commercial construction projects are all unique. Every business owner has a different vision of their design and the structure of their building depending on the … Read more

Legionnaires’ Disease: COVID-19 for Buildings?

city skyline legionnaires' disease

In July 1976, the Pennsylvania chapter of the American Legion held its annual state convention at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia. About 4,000 members attended. In the days that followed the convention, 221 of the attendees became ill and 34 died from a mystery form of pneumonia. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) immediately began … Read more

What to Look for in an Engineering Company

Are you close to the finish line for college graduation? You’ve been working hard for years, and it’s time for that work to pay off as you search for your dream job. Getting your foot in the door at a great engineering company can be intimidating and challenging. What should you look for in an … Read more

IEI Staff Engineer Stephen Morgan Obtains PSP Certification

We are very proud to announce that our very own Stephen L. Morgan PSP has passed his ASIS Physical Security Professional (PSP) exam!   The 2.5 hour exam covers a wide variety of Physical Security domains such as: Physical Security Assessment Application, Design, and Integration of Physical Security Systems Implementation of Physical security measures. According … Read more

COVID-19: How to Screen your Employees

Thermography is an imaging technique using infrared (IR) cameras to measure surface temperatures of objects. Infrared cameras use infrared radiation in the same way that a common camera creates an image using visible light. People and objects release radiation as a function of their temperature. Thermal imaging cameras can pick up this radiation and use … Read more

Drones: The Next Security Threat?

Over the past couple decades, drone technology has advanced at a spectacular rate. Global Positioning Systems, accelerometers, and lightweight components have made drones cheaper, more accessible, and better performing than ever before. There is a nearly limitless number of applications for commercial drone flight, including photography, videography, agriculture, search-and-rescue operations, land surveying, and more. Recreational … Read more

Fall Protection Regulations 101

Building a new facility or headquarters for your company is exciting but it can be a large task. Planning can take months, and as an employer, an owner, or building manager, your job is to ensure the safety of everyone involved during construction and when the building is occupied. OSHA requires fall protection for any … Read more

What makes IFMA truly a global organization?

In the conflicted world we live in today, members of IFMA (International Facilities Management Association) should be proud to be a part of a truly global organization. Innovative Engineering Inc. (IEI) was recently selected to present on Parking Structure Maintenance at the IFMA World Workplace at the convention center in Phoenix, Arizona. The presentation, given … Read more