Erie VA Medical Center Pennsylvania Facade Inspection

Erie VA Medical Center Pennsylvania Facade Inspection

Erie, PA

This project included the inspection of buildings on the Erie Pennsylvania VA Medical Center. The Erie VA Medical Center consists of reinforced cast in place concrete and structural steel construction with a masonry façade. The inspection consisted of user interviews, as-built drawing examination, broad visual inspections, and close-up inspections utilizing boom lifts and industrial rope access. Deficiencies were noted, photographed, and categorized. An excellent ongoing maintenance program at the Erie VAMC resulted in lower levels of façade deterioration than other similar facilities. A report was created for the VA and included deficiency descriptions and locations, repair techniques, and a repair cost estimate. 

Deficiencies included:  

Cracked, Spalled, and Broken Brick 

Cracked Terra Cotta Architectural Components 

Loose Mortar Joints 

Deteriorated Window and Expansion Joint Sealant