Forty-One Marietta Street Tower

Forty-One Marietta Street Tower

Atlanta, GA

Performed a due-diligence level facade inspection to identify any deficient conditions. The 1975-built structural steel and reinforced concrete building is 12 stories tall and roughly 100 by 120 feet.

Typical deficiencies identified during the facade inspection included:

Failed exterior window wet sealant, which had led to water infiltrating the interior of the building in over 50 locations.
Failed stone panel joint sealant, leading to shrinking, crazing, and chalking.
Loose/missing interior dry gaskets in approximately 600 locations.
Missing mullion covers, which required replacement to maintain integrity of the curtain wall.
Failed double pane window glazing seals, causing the windows to fog up in 10 locations.
Exterior door operation and sealing.
Failed parapet sealant at all parapet locations with an aluminum cap.

A report was generated based upon these findings of this inspection and an estimate was issued for the cost of repairs.