Art Foundry Parking Structure

Art Foundry Parking Structure Emergency Shoring

Art Foundry Parking Structure Restoration

Atlanta, GA

A load-bearing precast concrete beam on the fifth floor of an Atlanta condominium parking structure was found with a failed bearing and supporting corbel. As a result of these failures, the beam experienced some rotation, and one end of the beam displaced downward approximately one inch. Innovative Engineering Inc was retained by Atlantic Residential to perform an emergency site investigation to assess the condition of the damaged beam bearing and corbel. The bearing of the beam was found to have a deteriorated bearing pad and cracked and spalled concrete corbel. The corbel was observed to have cracks and large spalls across the face.

Following completion of the preliminary site investigation, developed and supervised the installation of shoring to remove load from the damaged corbel and beam bearing and transfer the loads from the fifth floor down to the ground. After the installation of shoring, construction documents were created detailing repair procedures for the damaged corbel and bearing. Innovative Engineering also supervised the progress of the repairs during construction.

Innovative Engineering’s fast response and extensive experience with parking structure restorations ensured that the shoring and repair procedures were developed and implemented in an accelerated timeline.